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Regions of Africa has been established to be a bridge between Africa and Australia in trade, business, education, tourism and community empowerment. Our aim is to develop a generation of leaders and architects of change in Australia and Africa to enhance opportunities in both continents. We do this by relationship building and connecting Global Investors, Businesses, governments, Universities, individuals and community groups through events and media.
01. Trade and Investment
The top ten fastest growing economies are all in Africa. With the mining sector continuing to boom as the world looks for renewable sources, Africa is still the place to trade with. The advancement of technology has improved significantly with many jobs created in this industry. Africa is no longer a consumer of technology, but a creator. Africa is open for business in many industries including, fashion, banking and agriculture.
02. Tourism
Africa is known for its beautiful safaris and as a place to relax and watch beautiful sunsets. The continent has so much to offer, from its white sandy beaches to the Great Pyramids. Tourism has continued to grow as both tourism and local businesses benefit from this industry. Tourism is also contributing to the GDP of some countries.
03. Entrepreneurship
There is another reason to pay more attention to Africa's youth, many analysts believe. With over 200 million of its people aged between 15 and 24, Africa has the youngest population in the world. (UN Org)
04. Education
Africa's investment in education, higher education, primary and secondary education has managed to push the continent forward. This is despite the high number of international students from Africa.
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