Smart Energy Solutions

  • HMG: Home Micro Grid
  • SBEA: Smart Building Energy Automation with Battery Management
  • FESP: Flywheel Energy Storage Platform
  • FFCS: Flywheel-Based Fast Charging Systems
  • RIMG: Resilient Interconnected Micro Grids for Energy and Transportation Infrastructures
  • MEG: Micro Energy Grids
  • Regional Gas-Power Grid Planning, Modeling, Control, and Optimization
  • Regional Transportation Infrastructure Planning Support Tool
  • SDDC: Smart DC-DC Converter
  • SDAC: Smart DC-AC Converter
  • SDFACTS: Smart Distributed FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems)
  • V2GCS: V2G Charging Station with PV and Battery Systems, and EV Fast Charging Solar Carport Station (EVFCCS)