DIGITUS Micro-HDMI to VGA converter

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Converts signals from Micro-HDMI to VGA

Input: Micro-HDMI and 3.5 mm audio
Output: VGA
Converts video signals from HDMI to VGA
Connect your devices with Micro-HDMI ports to VGA monitors or projectors
Offers you an ideal option for viewing your images, videos or presentations in large format
VGA port compatible with all conventional monitors, projectors and LCD TVs
Compatible with many common Ultrabooks with Micro-HDMI port
Compatible with common tablets with Micro-HDMI port (Samsung, Google, Asus, etc.)
Resolution of up to 1,080 pixels
No software or driver installation required
Compact size
Color: Black
Weight: 35 g
Dimensions: 193 x 45 x 15 mm (L x W x H)

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Converts signals from Micro-HDMI to VGA

Micro HDMI to VGA converter adapter, Typ D – VGA (D-Sub) connector, 3,5mm audio jack black

The Digitus DA-70460 converts digital HDMI signals into analog VGA signals. Connect your devices with Micro-HDMI ports, such as tablets, Ultrabooks, or cameras, to a VGA monitor or projector and enjoy your images, videos, or presentations in large format. The converter is also equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack. Any existing audio signal is converted in parallel. This enables additional audio playback by connecting your speakers or surround sound system.

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Micro-HDMI to VGA converter



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