• NSC18-WN Pan/Tilt Network Camera

    NSC18-WN Pan/Tilt Network Camera


    Dual Mode: Simultaneous MPEG4 + Motion-JPEG Streaming
    The Pro Series Network Camera supports MPEG4 as well as Motion-JPEG video formats, providing superior quality and, at the same time, continuing to support existing applications. MPEG4, on the other hand, allows you to transmit a larger amount of data over the same amount of bandwidth while providing smooth and seamless viewing. And if you wish to view the live video in a video player rather than the Web browser, you can do that, too, with the freely available VLC player.

    Wireless 802.11n and 100Base-TX
    Go wireless or wired. The camera supports WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption for wireless security, and you can connect higher-gain antennas to extend the wireless transmission range. The new Wireless N standard has dramatically increased the overall performance of a wireless network. With speeds up to 300 Mbps and WPS technology that connects the network camera to your wireless network with the push of a button, the new Wireless N technology greatly surpasses Wireless G technology in every aspect possible. On case you have not upgraded your wireless network to the N standard yet, there is no need to worry, as the NSC18-WN Pan/Tilt Network Camera offers legacy support for existing Wireless G networks.

    Integrated DDNS Client
    Utilize the free DYNDNS service (like DYNDNS.org) in order to connect to your camera, even if you do not have a static IP address assigned by your ISP (Internet service provider). This feature lets you easily set up a URL that can be used to access the camera through the Internet using any Web browser.

    Professional Functions in a SOHO Product
    The INTELLINET NETWORK SOLUTIONS SOHO Network Camera provides features that normally can only be found in professional-grade products. SSL Encryption keeps the data connections secure, simultaneous MPEG4 + Motion-JPEG Streaming for best compatibility, RTSP protocol support, UPnP for easy configuration, full-duplex audio support, and an excellent image quality never thought possible for a SOHO-type network camera.

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