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Why Biorock

Biorock sewage treatment plants will save you up to and over €700 per year and over 0.5 tonnes of C02 emissions every year for standard sized plants when compared to the current market leading sewage treatment plants, Biorock sewerage treatment plant will save you much more. Because Biorock sewage treatment plants work in a unique way they offer many advanced over the current market leading sewerage treatment systems.

The following tables shows a comparison between the BIOROCK system and other market leading sewerage treatment plants, the benefits are huge to installing the BIOROCK system.

Biodisk AquaKax Biorock
Electricity Bills Yes Yes No
Emptying Interval 12 Months 6-12 Months 2-4 Years
Wet Concrete for Installation Yes No Some
Noisy System Yes Yes No
Handle Large Range of Household Cleaners No No Yes
Effluent Quality (BOD:SS:NH3)
Expensive Parts Yes Yes No
Works During Power Failure No No Yes
Handles Variable Loadings Some No Yes