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How Biorock Works

Biorock treats wastewater in the way nature intended. In nature sewage is broken down in the air and the soil not in water. This is because oxygen Is the key requirement for aerobic digestion and there can only ever be a limited amount of oxygen In water.

Biorock is a Dual Tank Sewerage Treatment Plant – Primary Tank Followed by the Biorock Treatment Tank.

The raw sewage first enters the Primary Tank which separates the solids from the liquid part of the effluent. This pre-filter digests most of the solids anaerobically and only requires emptying every 3 to 4 years. The Primary Effluent then enters the Biorock Treatment Tank which uses layer of media fibre in contact with air to treat the effluent in exactly the same way as Nature treats effluent in the soil or on the margins of a pond. Bacteria grow in the media and, digest the organic material as it trickles through. Instead of using electricity guzzling compressors to provide the air, Biorock Treatment System utilises the wind and natural ‘draft’ to pull the air through the plant with no electricity required.